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• I was calling about the injustice to the Swan family and the Ivey family (concerning) their private property on Kingston Pike and Union Road. It’s a shame that they are tortured about the fact that Union Road has not been expanded. The Town of Farragut should have expanded the inadequate Union Road a long time ago, that’s the Town of Farragut’s responsibility. (Alderman) Bob Markli has said we need to improve our roads, that’s the No. 1 priority — like Union Road. He’s so correct about that. And it’s a travesty of justice to the Swan family, and particularly to the Ivey family that’s been in the Farragut community for years and years. The Swam family as well; holding them hostage to developing their private property because the Town of Farragut will not get Union Road expanded. It’s amazing that the Swans and Iveys don’t sue the Town for massive money … a major lawsuit … due to the extortion and the confiscation of the value of their property because the Town of Farragut is not expanding a public road — that is their responsibility.

• A few weeks ago someone called in to the farragutpress and made the statement that if you robo-call their house trying to endorse particular candidates soliciting their vote for that candidate, they will vote against that candidate. I second that, I think it’s an excellent idea and I agree with it 100 percent. Also, I do not appreciate getting phone calls that are slamming other candidates. There is one candidate in particular that I have known for many years and I stand staunchly behind, and I received another trash-talk robo-call and a bunch of unsubstantiated claims once again that were nothing but libel and slander. Why does politics have to be so nasty? Oh, maybe it’s because some of the people who are involved in it are so nasty.

• While I sympathize with the victims of any form of violence, it is my opinion that student peaceful assemblies should be done outside of school hours. Last year’s student suicides would have been an ideal time for several student assemblies. Still waiting for my son to have Mental Health 101 (class) that was promised by the school district.