Mother’s Day comes early with a spot of tea

Mothers, daughters celebrate at Fox Den

Corie Leuciuc and daughter, Estelle.
Mother’s Day came a week early at Fox Den Country Club, where mothers and daughters celebrated each other with “a spot of tea” Saturday, May 5.

Girls and ladies, from infants to seniors, donned their finest spring frocks and hats to enjoy a festive “Mommy and Me Mother’s Day Tea Party,” hosted by “Lil Miss Flossy.”

Lil Miss Flossy is owned by Lisa Khairollahi, who plans and oversees events, weddings and birthday parties.

This was the sixth year for the Mother’s Day Tea Party, but it was the first one held at the country club, said Brandy Weaver, who started the business with Khairollahi several years ago and now volunteers at Lil Miss Flossy events. Khairollahi had capped Saturday’s guest list at 130, and the event was completely sold out.

“There is a real need to promote mother/daughter activities, and this year’s (tea party) has really been wonderful,” Weaver said.

Khairollahi agreed, and said she has worked with the country club before, and was very pleased with Saturday’s event.

After checking in, guests were able to shop for jewelry and have pictures made, then enjoy tea and finger foods in the country club’s grand ballroom.

In many cases it was a multi-generational affair.

Regina Johnson, who originally hailed from Savannah, Georgia,

accompanied her daughter, Christina Sikes and granddaughters, Ariel and Annabella.

“We usually do tea in Savannah, so it was really nice to find that here,” Johnson said.

Amanda Adamson brought her 3-year-old daughter, Zoe, along with her mother, Brenda Payne, and her grandmother, Clara Davis, to the party.

“I am really close to my mom, and my grandmother,” Adamson said. “And, it was so close to Mother’s Day, I thought this would great for all of us to do together.”

Davis, who lives in Maryville, agreed and said she “really enjoyed” the tea.

“It has really been so much fun.”

Payne lives in Georgia, and said she tries to see Zoe “at least once a month,” and was glad the Tea Party coincided with her visit.

Shara LaTorre said she and her daughter, Alivia Abbott, “are big fans of Lil Miss Flossy” and “just love[d]” the party.

While fun was Saturday’s overriding experience, the reason for the celebration was not lost on either the mothers or their offspring.

“I love being a mother,” Johnson said. “It is all I ever wanted to be because I didn’t have one [growing up]. My parents divorced when I was young, and Dad got us, so all my life, I just wanted children to love and raise.

She said she enjoyed all the experiences during her two children’s childhood and youth, and “made sure they had parties, and that I went to their dance classes and sports activities.

“It was always about family,” she added. “It is just so important to be invested in your children’s lives, then when they grow up, they will do the same for their children.”

Johnson’s granddaughter, Ariel said, in turn, that her grandmother “is awesome. She spends time with us, and does for us, and

she always puts others before herself.”

LaTorre, who has three children, tears up when she thinks of what motherhood means to her.

“Where do I start?” she began. “To have three perfect, beautiful human beings who think you are the greatest thing in the whole world.

“It is very humbling.”

Daugher, Alivia, said her mother “is always there for me. She

cares for me, and does [so much for me]. She is just so nice,” she


Davis has three great-grandchildren, but is able to see Zoe more frequently than the others, who live out of state.

“Being with her is different every day, and it is a blessing every day,” she said. “We get together [frequently] as a family, and it is really a lot of fun. Zoe brings us all so much joy and happiness.

“I’m lucky.”

Her daughter, Brenda, indicated she and the rest of the family are lucky, too.

“She was a teacher for 45 years and has made a very comfortable life for herself, very independently since my dad died.

“She is just so special — she is the oldest of 10. Everybody loves Nan-nan.”