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• I read with great interest (information) from (Alderman) Bob Markli. He talks about not wanting to spend somebody else’s money to improve our parks or increase the tourists to stay in our hotels or eat at our restaurants. This is the same alderman who wants to borrow ... million(s) to fix all the roads around the empty properties around Town so that developers don’t have to do it. We smell a real conflict of interest here.

• I read with great interest the ... criticism coming from the “local industry giant” Hotel/Motel Tax (Letter to the Editor, May 10 issue) who slams the Farragut (Board of Mayor and Alderman) for passing (on first reading) the Hotel(/Motel) Tax. He fails to say that the same tax in Knoxville and Gatlinburg helps fund all the tourism organizations that he is involved with. I think all of us know that money just doesn’t appear from thin air, it has to come from some program.

• OK, may I throw my 2 cents in about the burned-out barn off Concord Road? It’s been well over a year (since it burned) and it still sits there, a humongous eyesore for our community: fences broken down, fields overgrown. Town of Farragut, can you please ask the owners why they are neglecting this property and when and if something is going to be done? This is a plea to the owners: please clean up this area. Take pride in the community we all live in.

• I’ve been reading for years about cars being broken into, windows broken and purses being stolen. Why do people leave their purses in the car for a thief to see and break into an automobile? It’s almost as if you’re causing it upon yourself, leaving a valuable item in sight inside your car.

• Alderman Ron Williams, vote for him as your next mayor. He’s an honest person. He attends First Baptist Concord. He listens to all the residents and the businesses that call him, and responds to their calls, and goes to all the meetings on time and does all his homework. He will always want the best for Farragut residents and business. Vote for Ron Williams for your next mayor.

• I just saw (Alderman) Bob Markli’s full-page ad in your paper, and just how (inaudible) and how hilarious I thought that was. I don’t understand why he’s so worried about a 2(and-a-half) percent Hotel/Motel Tax being imposed by people traveling to this area. Knox County and surrounding counties have had this tax in place for years. Most places do. I think Bob Markli is just grandstanding. If he’s so worried about taxpayers and their money, then I’m wondering why, while he was on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen like he is now, did he agree to spend (hundreds of thousands of dollars) on a rundown house (Campbell Station Inn) on the corner of Campbell Station (Road) and Kingston Pike. Then (even more money to renovate) because it’s falling down. That’s Town money, that’s taxpayer money. ... The 2(-and-a-half) percent Hotel/Motel Tax just seems a little ridiculous coming from him if he’s worried about this.

(Editor’s note: The full page ad in farragutpress’ May 10 edition about the Hotel/Motel Tax issue was placed by Greater Knoxville Hospitality Association).