letters to the editor

Town veterinarian’s thoughtful gesture helps grieving process

I recently had to put down my 14-year-old Westie due to bladder cancer. Dr. (Don) Lentz had taken care of her ever since she was a pup.

Heartbroken, I kept wishing I had gotten her paw print and mentioned this several times to him ... the cremation company he uses doesn’t provide this service.

Approximately two weeks after her death, I got a call from Jan, Dr. Lentz’s assistant, telling me that he wanted me know that he had Rosie’s footprint for me. Jan proceeded to tell me that Dr. Lentz had gone and purchased a child’s handprint kit and had made a paw print himself before she was sent to cremation.

I cannot begin to tell you how much that meant to me ... the thoughtfulness and kindness of Dr. Lentz truly touched my heart and I just want everyone to know how special this man is.

Farragut is so fortunate to have such a caring vet in our area and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs one!

Jeanie Stow