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‘Dynamic duo:’ McGill thanked for anti-tax vote; Markli defended, supported

I would like to personally thank (along with most residential and business stakeholders) Mayor Ralph McGill for his decisive leadership in protecting the Town of Farragut’s legacy, brand and future.

By joining and then leading another experienced town leader, Alderman Bob Markli, this “dynamic duo” saved our community from certain isolation and then a slow but painful death spiral.

If the Hotel/Hotel Tax passed and became “law,” the tourism/hotel, business, retailers, eateries and entrepreneurs would retreat and possibly leave the community. This would ultimately lead the community to imposing a future property tax — PERIOD.

In short, a community such as the Town of Farragut should NEVER kill its “golden goose,” which is its retail sales/business tax base.

If any of the readership is unaware of this “near miss” of this catastrophic event, I would strongly advise you watching the Town of Farragut’s YouTube channel (Town of Farragut, TN) and select “BOMA May 10, 2018.” This YouTube channel can be accessed on the homepage of the Town of Farragut’s website.

Most importantly and related to the recent article (“Krempasky: plan sought to retain businesses” on 5-31-18 in farragutpress), this video shows Alderman Louise Povlin leading the charge in being anti-business and pro-tax while also serving as a board member of the Farragut Business Alliance, which definitely seems contradictory in supporting (executive director Stephen) Krempasky/FBA’s mission.

Joining Alderman Povlin were Alderman Ron Pinchok and Alderman Ron Williams on the 1) anti-business and 2) pro-tax vote.

In response to the recent Letters to the Editors (Greene 5-24-18 and Reeves 5-31-18), I would like to thank them both for submitting a letter versus going the PressTalk route where a nameless few often troll.

However, their letters follow the familiar pattern of pure FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) against Alderman Markli and showcases the lack of understanding of the Town of Farragut’s public administration model and the unfamiliarity to Alderman Markli, who is considered one of the most respected, logical and ethical residents of our community.

Likewise, I would like to take this opportunity to provide Mr. Reeves with the factual history of the “guns in home” ordinance that he mentioned as FUD towards Alderman Markli.

That initiative (which was strictly “symbolic”) was solely led by myself, which was “kicked-off” in a guest column in this very paper on April 18, 2013.

In summary, this campaign (that had the blessing of the State of TN ECD director) was successful in “supporting” the recruitment of 2A companies (over $100M impact to Tennessee and over a $1B impact to the Southeast USA), eliminating “no guns in parks” ordinances by overzealous local governments, and branding our community as “gun friendly” (with the encouragement of local law enforcement).

Per the Farragut Mayoral election, the very best thing we as stakeholders in our community can do is RETAIN Alderman Markli as MAYOR MARKLI, which ensures we as citizens will have BOTH Markli and Williams still working together on BOMA.

I personally like Ron Williams very much, as I have endorsed him in this very paper during both of his elections.

However, Conservatives/Republicans, business owners/entrepreneurs and many community leaders have lost much confidence in Alderman Williams in the past weeks due to his very surprising anti-business and pro-tax vote(s) for the Hotel/Motel Tax.

If Alderman Williams is elected as mayor, BOMA would then be comprised of four members with less than three years of experience and three of those members being elected/appointed without opposition in this election cycle. This would be the least experienced BOMA ever since the inaugural members of BOMA were elected at the Town’s inception.

Please vote and vote Markli.

Bill Johns


Reader supports Williams: ‘best represents Farragut’s traditional values’

This letter is to endorse Ron Williams for mayor as he best represents Farragut’s traditional values.

I moved to Farragut 29 years ago by choice as Farragut put its residents first over the financial vested interests of contractors, builders, developers and business owners.

I saw first-hand how the Knox County Commission and its planning commission had been taken over by vested interests. Residential homeowners didn’t stand a chance when it came to greenspace, zoning and signage issues.

In contrast, Farragut’s traditional focus has been on developing and enhancing its parks, greenways and in giving its residential homeowners the dominant voice when it comes to zoning and signage issues. Compare our town to Cedar Bluff and you’ll notice a big difference in the signage allowed.

Traditional Farragut values are being challenged and we have a clear choice when it comes to mayor. I served as an elected alderman from 2009-2014 and saw first-hand how Alderman Bob Markli represents those who want to put vested commercial interests first. Can you imagine what our town would be like if he and his supporters are allowed to dominate the town’s planning commission and zoning appeals board greatly reducing the influence of this town’s residential homeowners?

I urge you to join me in voting for Alderman Ron Williams for mayor as he has no personal commercial interests and is solely focused on making sure Farragut continues to put the interests of residential homeowners first.

Let’s keep traditional Farragut values by voting for Ron Williams for mayor.

Jeff Elliott