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• I’m new to Farragut and don’t know much about the Farragut (candidates), so I went to one of the (mayoral) debates at Don Delfis Pancake House to hear what (Alderman Bob Markli and Alderman Ron Williams) had to say. It seemed like that guns were a hot topic, but no one asked anything about (the possibility of) a property tax in Farragut, like they have in Knoxville. After the meeting was adjourned, I decided to talk to the candidates about the (possibility of) the property tax. The one candidate, Bob Markli, left immediately — he didn’t stick around and like talk to people. Mr. Williams, he answered all my questions about property during the debate, and he stayed afterward for other questions. It’s surprising — new property tax pushing is quite profound (inaudible). The Town of Farragut was founded on a no-extra-property-tax principle, and that has worked very well for the past 38 years. I see no reason to change it. Now I know from the alderman who listens to all the citizens.

• I wanted to say that we’re sure going to miss (the late former Mayor) Ralph McGill. Ralph and Marianne McGill (former alderman) provided great leadership and dedication to the city of Farragut. We’ve had three fine, wonderful public service mayors: Bob Leonard, Eddy Ford and Ralph McGill. We want to give them every recognition. Ralph did a wonderful job, and God rest his soul.

• I’m calling to support the McFee Park expansion project. I think everybody wants tennis and pickleball (courts). It looks like the young people, old people — everybody will benefit from this expansion. It’s long overdue. (New Mayor Ron) Pinchok said that we have been waiting eight long years for this to happen. Alderman (Robert “Bob”) Markli said he could get it done with (almost) half the amount of money (originally proposed at $6.1 million). It sounds like we should let him ramrod this project and make sure the cost is in line. It’s time to pass the budget for this project, and move on with it. (Editor’s Note: Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen reduced the original $6.1 million proposed McFee expansion cost, passing a $4 million expansion as part of its fiscal year 2019 budget. See story in News section).