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Povlin’s mayoral nod to Williams

Bob Markli has been alderman for Ward 1 for nine years and attends the (Farragut) Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings the second and fourth Thursdays of most months of the year. 

In the last two-and-a-half years that I have served as Alderman representing Ward 1, I can tell you what he has NOT attended:  Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce ribbon cuttings and networkings, Economic Development Advisory Committee meetings, Comprehensive Land Use Plan update meetings, Municipal Planning Commission meetings (unless he has an item on the agenda), staff/developer meetings (unless he has an item on the agenda), museum committee meetings, the stormwater committee meetings, community meetings to discuss the rezoning of the northwest section of Farragut (his ward) back to Farragut High School, community meetings to discuss the improvement of Union Road (his ward), community meeting to discuss the Virtue Road improvement project, community meeting to discuss the budget, the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization technical and executive meetings, the Active Knox series of workshops with other regional elected officials, the Board of Zoning and Appeals meetings, Tennessee Municipal League legislative updates in Knoxville and Nashville, the Intro to Farragut classes, the Shamrock Dance (a Town event), the Bob Watt Fishing Rodeo (a Town event) and  the various events the Town holds to honor our volunteers. 

(Alderman) Ron Williams has been involved and regularly attends these meetings and more.  (new Mayor) Ron Pinchok and I attend many of these same meetings and (the late) Mayor (Ralph McGill) attended them as well when he was well enough.  The only outlier on our Board is Bob Markli.  His lack of presence is noticeable and, sadly, has become expected.

Ron Williams has a working relationship with our Town staff, many of our local elected leaders, Knox County staff and our state representatives.  Most importantly, he works with citizens to help address their concerns, he responds to their requests for information and assistance and advocates for them when necessary.

Mr. Markli talks about his goals, what he would like to achieve as mayor. He has been entrusted with the position of alderman for the last nine years and has been largely absent and disengaged for at least the last two-and-a-half years. 

It’s simply not enough to just attend board meetings. In fact, attending board meetings is the bare minimum effort required to be an alderman. It’s certainly not enough effort needed to be an effective alderman, let alone an effective mayor. It takes a lot more effort to actually fill the empty storefronts, establish a stronger relationship with our schools, address the needs and concerns of citizens, explore opportunities to strengthen our financial position, such that we can continue to thrive without a property tax and work to defeat state legislation that limits local government control. 

Ron Williams has actively demonstrated his interest and ability to do these things.  Please join me and vote for Ron Williams to be our next mayor for the Town of Farragut.

Louise Povlin

Farragut alderman - Ward 1