letters to the editor

Reader spells reasons for his mayoral support

I am asking you to join me in voting for Ron Williams for Mayor of Farragut. As a 31-year resident of Sweet Briar subdivision I have had the opportunity to interact with virtually every Farragut mayor and alderman, and many people from the Town staff.

I am supporting Ron because he stood with Sweet Briar in our time of need. Developers sought to change a long-standing agreement between Turkey Creek Partners and Sweet Briar. Ron’s opponent sided with the developers. He put the interests of developers over the interests of the residents in the Ward he represents.

He led the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to a 3-2 vote overturning the recommendation of the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission, thus voiding the longstanding agreement with Sweet Briar.

As we look ahead to the issues we face as a Town, I believe Ron Williams best represents Farragut’s traditional values. From its very beginning Farragut put the interests of its residents over the financial interests of contractors, builders and developers. We have greenspace, parks, rational zoning, rational signage and much more because of this. Ron Williams will lead us to intelligent growth, while maintaining our solid financial standing. He will first seek to serve the needs of homeowners, before simply agreeing to the wishes of developers. Ron has no financial entanglements, past or present, with commercial interests who may wish to bend, amend, or overrule the protections and values that formed Farragut.

I urge you to join me in supporting and voting for Alderman Ron Williams for mayor.

John Hoffman