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Williams states he’s in step with how Town succeeds

An efficient government with a lean budget. It’s an appropriate and proper goal. A goal that requires constant vigilance and analysis to ensure any addition to staff is essential to the long-term success of our mission to provide innovative and friendly service delivered with integrity. The Town of Farragut provides many services and strives to provide those services in a timely and efficient manner while seeking ways to innovate.

We do this with a lean staff of talented individuals who are cross- trained to the greatest extent possible so that our delivery of services is not negatively impacted if someone goes on vacation or if there is a sudden vacancy in a position. As an alderman, I have witnessed firsthand on countless occasions the cooperation within and between departments of our Town government to seamlessly and efficiently provide services to our citizens. We should always focus on identifying issues and work toward a positive outcome. We should never relent on pursuing our mission to serve the residents of the Town of Farragut with integrity, innovation and friendly service.

The Town of Farragut has distinguished itself as one of only a handful of municipalities in Tennessee, and certainly the most populous municipality, to operate without a property tax. Our town has thrived for the past 38 years without its own property tax. It is a point of pride accomplished through incredible diligence and mindfulness on the part of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and our staff, from the Town’s inception to today, and will continue if we remain vigilant.

My goal is to continue to vote for a budget that will thrive under this unorthodox and seemingly unsustainable manner, but we need to continue to explore ways to recruit new businesses, help retain existing businesses and maximize their success.

After six years on the Board of Zoning Appeals, two years as an Alderman, countless hours of instruction, time to establish connections with Farragut community members, Farragut businesses, our staff, many elected officials in our region and elected state representatives, I can now represent our Town as your next mayor.