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Pinchok, interim mayor, backing Williams for mayor

As the current interim mayor of Farragut I feel the need to speak out on the upcoming election. There seems to be some confusion about the upcoming mayoral election in Farragut. Alderman Ron Williams is running for mayor and I (Mayor Ron Pinchok) am running for alderman.

Last year as vice mayor, I was approached by several people wanting me to run for mayor. I was honored and deliberated for several months. In late fall Alderman Ron Williams announced his candidacy for mayor. I came to the conclusion that Ron Williams was a very qualified and excellent candidate and decided then that I would support him and that I would run again for alderman.

I have spent the last two years working very closely with Alderman Williams and have found him to be an honest, dedicated, experienced and tireless worker. In my opinion he has a very good relationship with our Town staff. He not only has attended all of the BOMA meetings but attends, on a regular basis, meetings for the Planning Commission, Economic Development Advisory Council, Staff/Developer, CLUP steering committee, and the list goes on and on. I know how much effort it takes to attend all of these meetings, as well as functions like ribbon cuttings, to support our local businesses. Alderman Williams made this commitment to the Town the day he was sworn into office and continues this workload with amazing energy and dedication. He also has a very good relationship with Knox County elected officials and Knox County staff members. This type of relationship is very important to our Town and takes time to cultivate.

Alderman Ron Williams was a close friend to Mayor (Ralph) McGill, who voiced his support. He also counts our previous Alderman and Vice Mayor Dot LaMarche and previous Alderman Jeff Elliott as supporters.

These are all highly respected previous Farragut elected officials who know what it takes to run our Town.

Please support and vote for Alderman Ron Williams as Mayor, and me, Mayor Ron Pinchok, as alderman.

Farragut Mayor Ron Pinchok