press talk

• I’m calling in reference to the ad (Alderman) Bob Markli had in the (farragutpress) paper (recently), where he said that his opponent is very short (on experience), under two years (with a) record of pro-tax, pro-lobbyist, pro-bureaucracy and anti-business. This is absolutely false. (Alderman) Ron Williams has served more than two years working for the Town of Farragut; on the Board of Zoning Appeals many years. He is not pro-tax —

except only for the Hotel-Motel Tax, which would benefit our whole Town. All the areas around us have (that) tax. Why shouldn’t we benefit from it? (Williams) is definitely not pro-lobbyist or pro-bureaucracy — and he certainly isn’t anti-business. He’s a man of integrity and he needs to be elected our next mayor.

• I just wanted to leave a message thanking Mr. Gordon Michaels for his Letter to the Editor in the June 28 editor of the farragutpress. I appreciate him bringing to our attention the excerpts from the lengthy e-mails that (Alderman Robert “Bob”) Markli sent to the Saddle Ridge residents. … I find it alarming that (Markli) said the things he said in that e-mail. He should not be an (alderman) and he most assuredly should not be mayor.

• Big spending, big taxes, big government. It is simple to me: has this worked in any other city or country? You know, with the idealism and good intentions, look around — it always fails. We see (Alderman Robert “Bob”) Markli as an alternative to the nature of politics. There are very few businessmen willing to enter the political arena. Let him be a balance to the never-ending line-up of promise-and-spend, big government politicians. … (My wife and I) have lived here 15 years, and we are not involved in politics in any way, but this is our opinion.

• The (Farragut) July 4th Parade was good as usual. The only thing that spoiled it was the (Knox County) Sheriff’s (Office) helicopter that went up-and-down and up-and-down and up-and-down above the street — and at one time (hovering) above the Shiloh community with such a blast of air that it blew chairs over, stirred up a cloud of dust and choked everybody. This was not fun. They should go up one time, come down one time and go home.