letters to the editor

Calhoun likes Markli’s, Meyer’s stance on firearms

As a long -term resident of the Town of Farragut and a proud United States citizen, I believe that the Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms to protect ourselves, families and friends from harm.

I hope we elect a mayor and aldermen who will allow us to do so. Tennessee law recently changed The Town’s “no guns in parks” policy and now allows licensed handgun permit holders to protect themselves while they are enjoying the beautiful parks and greenways in Farragut.

However, the Farragut Town Hall has a “no guns allowed” sign and no other security measures, which in my opinion makes it a soft target that I hope it will never actually become.

A sign alone will stop law-abiding good citizens from carrying firearms into it, but will be ignored by anyone with the intent to do do harm to our residents.

With the frequent shootings of law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens in churches, schools, restaurants and other public places it is important that law-abiding citizens who are trained and licensed have the right guaranteed by the constitution to protect ourselves in our Town Hall, if ever needed.

Many of us are veterans and retired military who have served this country in combat and know how to safely and properly handle firearms.

Most Federal and State offices have security guards to protect the employees and citizens needing their services. I support the Farragut Mayor and Alderman candidates who will change the current policy and allow legally licensed handgun permit holders to provide security until it becomes economical and practical to provide other adequate protection.

Alderman (and candidate for Mayor) Bob Markli and Alderman-elect Scott Meyer in my opinion both strongly support this approach and have my support on this important issue.

All residents should review the platforms of all candidates and exercise their guaranteed right to vote for their choice, whoever it may be. This gun-free zone policy should be decided by all Farragut voters, not just a few officials.

Newton Calhoun, Farragut