• I just wanted to give a big shout-out of thanks to the people of the Farragut community who take their gently used books and flash cards and anything that can be used for teaching materials to Goodwill. I just got back from there, and I am so pumped. I got so many books for my class and a got some flash cards and that type of thing — even the baby Einstein. It wasn’t even $10. I am so excited; they are in like new condition, and it just really saves me a ton of my own money to go to Goodwill and do this. So, thanks.

• I am wondering why Farragut High School is losing so many of its teachers. It seems all the best ones are going. What’s going on over there?

• I’d like to comment about the occupancy (hotel/motel) tax (proposed but defeated) in Farragut. I don’t understand the issue of that not being used here. The hotels in Turkey Creek are next door to hotels in Knoxville who get local (hotel/motel) taxes (issued) from (City of) Knoxville. I don’t think that anyone looks at the taxes when they stop at a hotel or they book a hotel online. So I’m hoping that this will be revisited, as it seems like a viable income stream for the Town of Farragut.

• I just would like to compliment (Alderman) Ron Williams (candidate for Farragut mayor) on the campaign that he has run. It has been very positive. … I am very proud that he has behaved in this manner. And I feel like that he would be the best mayor for the Town of Farragut.

• As a point of clarification, the nine Farragut hotels currently have a (Knox County) hotel-motel tax. A new (hotel-motel) tax by the Town (of Farragut) would most definitely hurt the hotels’ ability to be competitive. An additional tax on the hotels by the Town would decrease hotel occupancy, therefore it would decrease the sales tax collected and would have a negative effect on Farragut restaurants and other businesses. Alderman Bob Markli understands this domino effect. We have small businesses in Farragut that have found it near impossible to jump through all the hoops placed in front of us by the Town. Farragut needs a mayor who would promote economic development, and one who understands urban design and construction. We feel Alderman Bob Markli is the candidate who will listen to his constituents and help move Farragut forward.