(Editor’s note: Given the critical nature of the following Presstalks concerning Farragut High School, we welcome a response — a Letter to the Editor or in Presstalk — from Knox County Schools and/or the FHS administration if deemed necessary. That is in addition to other opinions on FHS, or most any other topic, from our readers in general)

• Why were all the department chairs at Farragut High School demoted? Why are the students at Farragut High School being enrolled in classes without having first taken prerequisite classes?

• Why are there fewer CTE classes at Farragut High School offered each year when the state is promoting this program? Might this be a reason why Farragut High School did not receive state STEM certification this past year?

• Why are the class sizes so big at Farragut High School?

• Why have the students at Farragut High School been enrolled in AP classes they did not select instead of the electives they did select?

• Well, it looks like another year at Farragut High School with scheduling neglect. Why did my daughter get enrolled in (physical education) when she is already on a varsity sport? When I tried to change her class I was told the only thing she could take now is (Navy Junior) ROTC.

• I’m a parent of a rising freshman that will be attending Farragut High School. My son took Algebra I in middle school but doesn’t feel confident to move to geometry. We were told that my son could not take Algebra I due to board policy. However, Hardin Valley Academy and Bearden High School let students retake Algebra I. Why does Farragut have different rules? Wouldn’t policy be the same for all Knox County Schools? (Inaudible) to parents and students. Why do Farragut kids not have the same opportunities as other kids in Knox County Schools?