Grieving Markli congratulates Williams

Farragut Alderman Robert “Bob” Markli and his family continue to deal with the loss of the Farragut mayoral candidate’s grandson, James Albert Rhoads, who was born prematurely and died Tuesday, July 31.

Markli, who lost the mayoral race to fellow Alderman Ron Williams by less than 300 votes (3,028 versus 2,765) as culminated in the Thursday, Aug. 2, election, released an e-mailed statement Monday, Aug. 6.

“I congratulate my opponent on his election as the fourth elected mayor (fifth overall) of Farragut,” Markli stated. “As our new mayor, it is my hope that he listens to all the perspectives and challenges brought out in the campaign and will move the community forward in addressing these concerns while protecting our Town’s legacy and brand.

“I also take this opportunity to thank all those who stepped up to support my anti-discriminatory tax, anti-frivolous spending campaign and pro-economic development, pro-schools, pro-neighborhoods and pro-constitution positions,” he added. “Our campaign sent a clear and distinctive message to the leadership of our Town that the citizens want their elected representatives, not unelected staff, to lead our community in its future endeavors.

“Lastly, I want to thank all those who have supported our family by their prayers and thoughtful service during our grief over the untimely loss of our little one Tuesday evening, July 31.”

While Williams extended his condolences to Markli and his family, he added, “Bob served as a alderman for many years, and I’d like to thank him for those years of service as an elected official.

“And I wish him well with anything he does in the future.”