Ryan’s granted wish

Ryan Overman, a sixth-grader at Cedar Bluff Middle School who has dealt with physical difficulties his entire 13 years of life, will have his wish granted to go to Washington, D.C., and visit The White House through The AT&T Wish Connection.

A ceremony to announce Ryan’s granted wish was held Thursday afternoon, Aug. 2, at Carl Cowan Park, 10058 S. Northshore Drive. Overman family members were joined by friends, AT&T employees and Bearden High School Navy Junior ROTC.

While Ryan, his family and his service dog are in Washington, a group of volunteers will be doing a makeover on his bedroom, turning it into a replica of The White House Oval Office.

The Overman family began working with Tennessee Early Intervention Services when Ryan was about 1 year old, and were able to get him enrolled through TEIS to receive occupational, physical and speech therapy.

When Ryan turned 3 he transitioned from TEIS to Knox County Early Intervention Program, attending a special school to continue his therapies until he was old enough to enroll at Cedar Bluff Elementary.

Despite the physical difficulties Ryan has endured, “he continually brightens the lives of those around him,” a friend of Ryan’s stated in a press release. “If someone is hurting or not feeling well, his first response is to give them a hug and try to comfort them.

“He is generous to a fault and is constantly giving away any small gifts that he has available to make other people happy,” Ryan’s friend further stated. “He enjoys science and history, especially the parts about the American Revolution and the presidents, but most of all he loves art and he is constantly drawing on any scrap of paper he can lay his hands on.”