• I was just calling (after) I received my issue of the farragutpress. There was a new column in there by Greg Johnson. It was just terrible. I understand it’s an opinion page, but it’s just so disgustingly partisan. We really wanted to focus on Farragut issues, not seeing Fox News in the print in our mailbox. A newspaper needs to be more respectable than a cable news channel, and I would really hope that you guys would strive to do that. You have a lot of highly educated citizens in the area and this just isn’t who we are as a community.

• The problem (with early morning school traffic onto West End Avenue) is people making illegal left-hand turns on red. It happens all over the place, and that’s the problem and why the back-up and blocking lanes of traffic. People turn illegally, left-hand turns on red. Stop that and you solve the problem.

• We were interested in reading about the improvements that are being made on Virtue Road, and we agree that we find these interesting and that it does need to be improved. The thing that was most concerning is that they were talking about the calming for the traffic and safety issues, and this being addressed. Old Stage Road has needed these same considerations for an awfully long time. The speed limit on the road is 30 mph, but 50 is the norm. We talked to a Knox County Sheriff (officer) one day, and he said over a weekend they issued 60 speeding tickets just on that road. I think a traffic light is needed at McFee Road and South Watt Road to slow people down because this is a safety issue and a noise issue. Something really needs to be done. A traffic light also needs to be added at the back entrance of Farragut High School on Campbell Station Road because it is horrible for those people. They have to stop and wait and wait and wait to get into that school, particularly school buses. This is just an issue that needs to be addressed.

• After watching the Farragut swearing-in ceremony on Thursday night (Aug. 23), I would strongly encourage the Town attorney (Tom Hale) to explain the Tennessee Sunshine Law to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. From my living room, it sure seemed like newly elected Alderman Scott Meyer has been taking directions from Alderman Louise Povlin.

• After reading your article detailing progress toward a $300k pedestrian greenway, I’m stunned to understand both the (Farragut Municipal) Planning Commission and (Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen) would even consider a design which is seemingly flawed from the start. The design, as presented, includes a walkway passing under Kingston Pike via the existing arch bridge over Little Turkey Creek, just east of Campbell Station Road. The glaring flaw is the proposed walkway is planned to be just one foot above “normal” flow