• I am pleased that the farragutpress has chosen to print the opinion columns by Greg Johnson, Ina Hughs and Mark Harmon after they were unceremoniously dropped by the Knoxville News Sentinel. I often agree with Mr. Johnson. I seldom do with Ms. Hughs and Mr. Harmon. Nonetheless, I am glad that all were given a voice in the farragutpress. We can read their views on local, state and national issues and choose to agree or disagree as we see fit. (Editor’s note: Ina Hughs, though a highly respected columnist for decades, isn’t and hasn’t been part of our weekly columnist lineup).

• It is amazing to me that our Town fathers and local enforcement people are so excited about enforcing rules like signs and lawn cleanliness and things like that — and yet in the middle of Town we have a barn, which burned down almost a year-and-a-half ago and it’s still sitting there, looking like a perpetual eyesore. And there’s nothing being done about it, period. Now, if it is still under investigation — I’ve been told that it’s still under investigation. And if it is still under investigation, one needs to ask the question: why do you need a year-and-a-half to investigate a barn burning? If not, why is the barn still there?