Police Report

• At 5:33 p.m., Monday, Sept. 10, Knox County Sheriff’s officers were dispatched to a Lake Haven Road residence in reference to a disturbance. Officers came into contact with the victim, who said about three days previously an unknown juvenile male suspect came to her house selling items. She said when she answered the front door the suspect shoved her into her house and then entered the house without the victim’s consent. Victim said she pushed the suspect back out the front door and then locked the door, adding the suspect then stood on the front porch for several hours. Victim told officers the suspect came back onto her front porch Sept. 10 and stood there for several hours. While speaking with the victim, officers said she had difficulty remembering her name and what was going on while officers were on scene. She told officers she wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing, and asked if officers were some of the people calling her over the phone asking for her information.

• At 7:26 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 8, a KCSO unit responded to a vandalism at a Destiny Ridge Way residence. Complainant/victim/property owner said the boyfriend (suspect) of his granddaughter (victim), was attempting to break into her residence. Complainant stated his neighbor (witness) called him to let him know suspect was trying to break into the residence. Complainant told Knox County Dispatch he was following suspect down Campbell Station Road and was giving updates to officers. Officers were able to locate suspect behind At Home along Parkside Drive. Officers detained suspect and transported him back to the residence. Suspect said he was not trying to break in, but was just upset because he had just found out his girlfriend’s children were not his. He also said he did hit the front door, valued at $150, causing damage. Complainant was able to verify the dent on the door was not there before, concluding the suspect must have done it when he hit the front door. Complainant said he was property owner of the residence and was letting his granddaughter stay there. Complainant said she was not at the residence, but was in another state in rehab and was not able to contact her to let her know what was going on. A Knox County Records check revealed suspect had an FTA for misdemeanor theft. He was taken into custody for the warrant.

• At 2 p.m., Friday, Sept. 7, a KCSO unit responded to a shoplifter at Kohl’s, 11530 Kingston Pike. Kohl’s Lost Prevention observed the arrestee conceal merchandise worth $212.90 in his pants and walk past every point of payment. Arrestee was stopped when officers arrived and was issued a misdemeanor citation.