press talk

• (About ideas for the new Town Community Center) I’ve been wanting to talk about this: most of us can still shoot pool and do ping-pong. I really want those tables. We need something for free in that building. Some of us aren’t as fortunate as others. More free things and just more activities. The ping-pong and pool table I would love to be able to have. And maybe a game or something.

• Thank you for publishing Shelly Groktopf’s (Letter to the Editor, Sept. 6 issue). We need people who speak for us. Greg Johnson’s column is just repulsive, demonizing people because of a political party. We identify much more than a Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal or anything else. There’s much more important things. Thank you Shelly. Consider getting rid of Mr. Johnson. I just don’t like him spewing venom in our community, whether it’s a quarter of it, a half or it or all of it. It’s just not productive. Again, thank you Shelly. (Editor’s note: the columns of Greg Johnson and Mark Harmon were published on a trial basis and are no longer featured in farragutpress)