‘Place’ options include more than just ‘face’

With CoolSculpting appearing recently in the news, interested potential clients might be glad to know the procedure is available in the Farragut area.

Pamela Gott Gavin, MSN, APRN, a certified nurse practitioner and owner of The Face Place at 10404 Jackson Oaks Way just off David Lane, started providing the procedure last spring.

It celebrated its opening with a ribbon cutting, sponsored by Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday, Sept. 19.

She explained the CoolSculpting-certified procedure permanently and safely eliminates fat cells from the body and is able to treat larger targeted areas than before.

“CoolSculpting has been FDA-cleared for about 10 years now and has been available for (those) 10 years,” Gavin said. “It actually uses controlled cooling to kill the fat cells, which makes changes in the appearance of your body regarding the fat.

“When you kill fat cells, they don’t come back,” she added. “You don’t reproduce new ones. Once you are a teenager, you’ve formed all the fat cells you’ll have in your body.

Moreover, “CoolSculpting, to my knowledge, is the only cold treatment-type procedure that actually does kill the fat cells,” Gavin said. “And then, the fat cells are eliminated from the body through natural body processing.

“It is currently the No. 1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure available,” she added. “You are able to get up from the CoolSculpting table and resume normal activities with no downtime.”

Gavin chose to add the procedure to her services because “we can make a more comprehensive improvement in someone’s appearance if we can eliminate fat in areas it is unwanted,” she said. “It improves a person’s self-esteem when they feel better about themselves.

“They stand a little taller; they are a little happier; and they have a little better outlook on life.”

Gavin opened The Face Place to provide that opportunity for women to “feel better about themselves.

“We have a lot of pressure by society to look our optimal best on most occasions,” she added. “We feel we can help women achieve that.”

The Face Place also provides non-surgical facial rejuvenations such as derma fillers and injectibles such as Botox ((botulinum toxins), micro-needling, microabrasion, dermaplaning, sclerotherapy to remove varicose veins and cryotherapy facials.

These medical procedures are FDA approved, she added.

The Face Place opened eight years ago, while Gavin opened Gott Family Medical Clinic next door four years ago to reach out to families in the community.

The Face Place is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To book an appointment, call 865-789-3162 or 865-312-9586.