Expect Delays

Traffic solutions for growing Hardin Valley tackled by Knox MPC

Explosive growth in the Hardin Valley community is leading to some serious discussions on how best to alleviate and address its traffic flow.

Hardin Valley Mobility Study is in early stages of fact-gathering, according to a press release. The project, which promises to seek public input both in person and online, is being overseen by the Knoxville-Knox County Municipal Planning Commission, with help from other governmental agencies.

The entities officially are examining existing transportation conditions and future needs in the Hardin Valley area, the press release stated. The study will prioritize improvements with the goal of maintaining mobility and addressing safety for people using various types of transportation.

“Community input will be a key part of developing road projects that serve the needs of residents and other travelers moving through the area by car, bike, bus and on foot,” the report summarized.

“As measured by building activity, the Northwest Knox County (area) is the fastest-growing area of the county,” the release further noted.

And, while Hardin Valley Road north of the Pellissippi Parkway interchange has at least four lanes, turning lanes and grassy buffers extending to Middlebrook Pike, the road south of Pellissippi has long consisted of little more than a two-lane road and a turn lane.

“The study came about with discussions with staff from the Knox County Engineering and Public Works over the last 12 months,” said Jeff Welch, director of Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization. “We were very aware of the development that has occurred in Hardin Valley over the last 15 years or more. We have purposely waited until after (Hardin Valley) Middle School opened so that we could get current traffic data at several locations in the study area … (which) will identify deficiencies and opportunities. ...”

The area studied also includes roadways and acreage toward Karns, Cedar Bluff and Kingston Pike while abutting Town of Farragut limits north of I-40.

Visit www.knoxmpc.org/plans/small-area/hardinvalley to view documents and any public meeting information.