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• I’m calling about (Oct. 25 story, “Christians ‘have to set a standard’ and vote; Hester, FBC member, working on numbers”) by staff writer Michelle Hollenhead. It was concerning the opinions of a member of the … group Act For America. Farragut has been our family’s home for almost 30 years. It’s a loving, beautiful community that’s seen a lot of positive change and growth over the years. Please do not spoil that by giving members of … groups such as Act For America a platform for their not-so-subtle messages of exclusion … .

• Some thoughts on Halloween: 1, set a time from 5:30 to 8 (p.m.). 2, masks should be seen out by children. 3, children were getting grumpy by 8:15 (p.m.). 4, I hate government setting rules, but parents need a reminder. 5, adults were still having fun even while pushing their infant in a buggy. 6, one boy said, “I want to get my own (candy);” my wife said, “You take what I give you or nothing.” The little boy said, “fine” and started to walk away. He reconsidered and came back. Mommy didn’t appear to correct him. 7, We shut down by 8:45 (p.m.) after hosting 65 children and 32 adults with alcoholic nips — after showing proper ID of course; that 17-year-old kid who changed his ID to 71 didn’t fool us. 8, please set a time of 5:30 to 8 o’clock. The teachers and administrators would appreciate this. Who wants a grumpy, hyperactive kid in their school?