‘Long road’ to end for Tire Discounters, with projected March opening in Town

Tire Discounters is looking for an opening date in March 2019 if all goes well.

“It’s been a long road to where we are,” Timothy Dwyer, senior project manager with Leesman Engineering & Associates, engineers for Tire Discounters.

Dwyer presented a revised site plan for the store, which would be located at the former Exxon convenience store location, 709 N. Campbell Station Road, to Town of Farragut officials during a staff developer meeting in Farragut Town Hall Tuesday, Oct. 30.

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission is expected to discuss the revised plan again with Dwyer at its meeting Thursday, Nov. 15 and act on the matter Dec. 13. If Commissioners agree to a dual access from the property onto North Campbell Station Road, crews can continue with construction.

If the Commission does not agree, “I don’t know where we go from here,” Dwyer said.

The former convenience store already has been demolished to make room for development.

“If it approves the access, Dwyer said he can start construction sometime in mid-December.

When he presented an earlier site plan version to Farragut Municipal Planning Commission during its meeting, April 19, Dwyer proposed a right-in, right-out access at North Campbell Station Road.

While the Planning Commission approved unanimously the site plan, it asked Dwyer to consider another access besides North Campbell Station Road. While it has a primary access from Campbell Lakes Drive, town staff suggested it could share an entrance with the shopping center to the north.

At that time, however, Dwyer said the owner of the neighboring property (Bob Pollack with Normak Infantl Inc.) was not in favor of sharing an access, but he was still in talks with Pollack.

At the April meeting, Dwyer said he understood Planning Commissioners suggested a full access from Campbell Station Road instead of a right-in, right-out access. He went back to Pollack, whom Dwyer said, agreed that plan.

Shipley recalled, “There was just one access on the approved plan.What we talked about at the Planning Commission meeting was if (Dwyer) could get something worked out with Mr. Pollack, that they would have to come back to the Planning Commission potentially with the revised access.”

One concern of Town engineer Darryl Smith’s was the North Campbell Station Road access’ proximity — 50 to 55 feet — from the curb.

“The only thing we could support is the right-in, right-out (access),” Shipley said. “Ultimately, it’s up to the Planning Commission to allow access. It’s just too close and people are trying to get out of the flow of traffic, and they are not terribly slow when they turn in (to the Normak shopping center, which includes Dunkin’ Donuts). conflict point.”

“We prefer the egress to be further back to the west,” Shipley added.