McGinnis opens October Ninety-Four

Hayley McGinnis has opened October Ninety-Four, a retail women’s clothing business, sharing space in Snooty Patootie at 11110 Kingston Pike, Farragut, to provide fashions to give women their own sense of style.
Hayley McGinnis has entered into the retail business, providing a clothing line to give women their own sense of style, as she shares space in Snooty Patootie, 11110 Kingston Pike, Farragut.

While McGinnis, a Lenoir City native, opened October Ninety-Four in mid-September, she held her grand opening Wednesday, Nov. 7, and Thursday, Nov. 8, while Snooty Patootie owner — and Hayley’s mother — Kay McGinnis, hosted an open house.

“I feel like my style is different from anywhere else in the area,” McGinnis said, adding her slogan is “fashion that makes a statement.”

“So, I chose pieces that can be worn every day and are comfortable but that also lets women express themselves and feel beautiful,” she said.

The name of the business came about from the month and year she was born.

“I had such a hard time coming up with a name, and my brother asked, ‘what about October Ninety-Four? That sounds so cool.’

“‘That’s perfect,’” McGinnis recalled answering.

McGinnis graduated from college with a degree in chemistry in 2017, but her passion always has been fashion, which led to the career change.

“(A clothing store) would give me the opportunity to express myself through fashion,” she said. “I want to bring the feeling of confidence, which fashion brings to me, to other women.”

While holding a photo shoot in preparation for opening her business, McGinnis said a model/friend told her, “‘These clothes make me feel like me.’”

“I really appreciated that,” she added.

McGinnis brings to her business prior retail sales experience.“All the jobs I had were in retail,” she said.

While she has had a wide array of interests, which include math and science, her first loves are music, art and fashion. October Ninety-Four gives her the opportunity she seeks to “be creative and have full control over what I want to bring to women’s fashions.”

To get her business off the ground, McGinnis chose to join her mother, sharing space at Snooty Patootie.

“It seemed like God just put (the idea) in front of me,” Hayley McGinnis said. “What better way to start than with my mom, who already has built a great place here in Farragut.”

Snooty Patootie is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, and is closed Sunday and Monday.

To see October Ninety-Four’s selections, check out McGinnis’ website at or on Instagram at shopoctobernineyfour.