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• Someone needs to reign in (Farragut Vice Mayor and) Alderman Louise Povlin. She has insisted all along that there be traffic calming devises all along Union Road. And with the residents’ backs turned, she now has inserted three roundabouts throughout the Union Road Improvement Project. As addressed by the residents of the subdivisions along Union Road, there is no need for the roundabouts — and the entire project is over-engineered. Louise Povlin needs to realize that the residents want to have a simple road project with a sidewalk along the road to take care of pedestrian traffic. Louise Povlin needs to talk to her constituents (inaudible), and that way her own opinion will not be expressed solely because it’s something that she wants.

• Friday, Nov. 16, was the anniversary of the Battle of Campbell Station. Evidently the Town of Farragut ignored it: I saw no mention of it anywhere.