Southwick Circle couple back Porco concerning Town’s Union Road plans

I write in support of the outstanding Letter to the Editor in (last week’s) Nov. 29 farragutpress from Carolyn Porco as well as the accompanying “presstalk” concerning the outrageous plans by the Town for Union Road.

We are residents of Andover Place that borders Smith Road, and where the town also plans a walking trail or sidewalk that practically no one along the road wants. The current recommendation is for the trail to run very close to our property line through the greenspace that helps make Andover what it is.

It also includes an amazing plan to build it through a catch basin at the western end of Smith. This despite a near unanimous vote against it by the HOA and numerous meetings by our board and the annual HOA.

It seems Alderman and Vice Mayor (Louise) Polvin is obsessed with connecting her development to the west of Everett Road with the rest of Farragut at the crazy expense and destruction to trees and environment both of these plans would entail. Three roundabouts on Union Road?

Take a drive down it and try to imagine the clear cutting and bulldozing involved to achieve this. We also now, and due to Ms. Porco’s research, see that what we’ve been told now for several years by our elected officials concerning TDOT rules was a complete untruth. Where is the common sense in all this?

Vickie and John Anderson

Southwick Circle