Breaking: Update CCS receives apparent threat; Knox Sheriff’s Office responds

'Unloaded airsoft pistol’ discovered after

‘concerning message’ received at CCS/First Baptist Concord

‘Pistol’ thought to be unrelated to threat

The following e-mail is an updated statement on a “concerning message” received by Concord Christian School officials Tuesday morning, Dec. 18, which was considered a possible threat to school security. The update comes from CCS spokesperson Stephanie Mason:

“On Tuesday, Dec. 18, a concerning message was discovered at Concord Christian School/First Baptist Concord. In accordance with our protocol, we contacted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office following the discovery of the message.

“Knox County Sheriff’s Office came on site this morning to conduct interviews with students and staff as part of their investigation.

“Per FBC/CCS security protocols, our FBC/CCS Security Team conducted a search of middle and high school students’ bags and backpacks at the beginning of first period this morning.

“During the KCSO interviews, the detectives learned of a student having a school-prohibited item on campus.

“In connection with the ongoing FBC/CCS searches, the security team located an unloaded airsoft pistol with an orange tip. Per CCS and KCSO protocol, the student’s parents were called and the student was released to the parents.

“At this time, there appears to be no relationship between the two incidents. The investigation of the concerning message is ongoing and we are working in conjunction with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

“The school schedule was not interrupted and is continuing as normal. The safety of our students, staff and guests is always our priority at Concord.

“If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Director of Campus Security, Kevin Greene at

(Further updates will be passed along, when warranted, at