Planners recommend end of PCD

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen eliminate Planned Commercial District zoning during its meeting Thursday, Dec. 20.

A Planned Commercial District would combine residential dwellings within commercial shopping centers, while accommodating smaller scale commercial development as opposed to “big box” retail stores.

“I don’t think they’re bad plans,” Commissioner Noah Myers said. “They are just so arduous to be able to implement, both from the consultant side, the designers, the civil engineers, the developer and the (Town) staff side to figure out what’s in compliance.”

Managing the districts are “an enforcement nightmare,” said Mark Shipley, Community Development director.

The Town only has two properties falling within PCD zoning: Kroger Marketplace, 189 Brooklawn St.; and near the intersection of Kingston Pike and Watt Road behind Little Joe’s Pizza, for which site plans still need final approval.