police report

• At 6:47 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 20, Knox County Sheriff’s Officers were outside Victoria’s Secret, 11281 Parkside Drive, checking a suspicious vehicle, when two eventual arrestees came running out of the store with a large amount of merchandise, not in bags, and ran towards a blue Mercury Marauder and began to drive off. Finding this activity suspicious and consistent with a theft by “push-out,” an officer pulled in front of the vehicle attempting a traffic stop, activating police car’s lights and sirens. Driver put her vehicle in reverse, then stopped, then went forward and rammed police car, putting officer in fear of his life. Driver then put the vehicle in reverse and began fleeing again through the parking lot, then stopped and bailed out of the car, running towards the Hallmark store.

Passenger also fled the vehicle. Both eventual arrestees ignored orders to stop. Officer deployed his department-issued tazer on passenger, after which she fell to the ground. She resisted officers on the ground, so officer delivered a second cycle from his tazer, which allowed officers to take her into custody. Officer then went to the Hallmark store and observed the previous driver attempting to flee. This eventual arrestee refused officer’s orders to get on the ground. He placed her on the ground, to which she began to resist. Officer deployed one drive stun cycle from his department-issued tazer, allowing himself and additional officers to take her into custody. This arrestee smelled of marijuana She refused a field sobriety test. Passenger arrestee was advised of the implied consent law, and refused to submit a sample of blood. Upon records check, previous driver arrestee showed to have a suspended license. Upon check, this arrestees had stolen $1,317.41 in merchandise from Victoria’s Secret. A small amount of “weed” also was located in the vehicle, with both denying ownership. Both were transported to Knox County Detention Facility. The vehicle was towed to Cedar Bluff Towing and the property was returned to Victoria’s Secret. Upon inspection, there was a large amount of damage to the front of this officer’s vehicle, with the front bumper being caved in.