Town wish list 2019

Town of Farragut officials look at what they would like to see accomplished within Town limits before the end of 2019.

Mayor Ron Williams set a priority on the two roads on which the Town is working — Union and Virtue.

“That includes the greenways, walking trails and sidewalks,” he said.

The letting of bids for the Virtue Road project is expected to take place in early 2020 while the completion date is expected in summer 2021, according to the Town’s website.

However, design plans are ongoing for the Union Road project.

Current plans have garnered criticisms from Union Road and neighboring subdivisions.

Still, a bid opening is expected in spring 2020.

Alderman Scott Meyer (North Ward) said he wants to see Town Hall meetings at which residents “discuss speed mitigation options” for the road in early 2019, then finalize the Union Road designs by the end of the year.

On another matter, several Town officials said they are awaiting the completion of work on and near Campbell Station Inn. Two open houses has been set — from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 17, and Sunday, March 3.

While most of the work on the structure nears completion, the Town has drawn up plans for a plaza on the property.

"I would love to see the bulk of the construction finished on the Campbell Station Inn plaza, entrance roads and restroom so that the property is ready to use,” said Sue Stuhl, Farragut Parks and Recreation director.

A completion date for that portion of the project has not been set.

Among her wishes, Vice Mayor Louise Povlin said, “I would like to explore opportunities to strengthen the youth engagement in our Town activities.

“For example, I would like to pursue pairing Farragut businesses with student interns through the Knox County Schools’ Work Based Learning program,” she added. “I believe the Town of Farragut can be a stronger community with the effective engagement of our youth.”

Meyer said he also would like to see the Town finalize Phase III of the McFee Park expansion designs and “move forward with construction by the end of the year.”

Rita Holladay, Farragut Municipal Planning Commission chair, said she is looking forward to seeing the Villages of Farragut assisted living community completed, with entrances from Kingston Pike and Smith Road.

“I know there’s already been a lot of interest from individuals interested in moving in there,” she said. “I’ve heard individuals say that the company has gotten a lot of response, so that’s a good thing.”

Another project facing FMPC is the land use plan for the Watt Road corridor area.

“(The Town has) recently done a study of the Watt Road area and made some recommendations that — when that does develop — we would like to see it be aesthetically pleasing for the Town,” Holladay said. “And we want that on all entrances to the Town — something that represents what Farragut really is.”

FMPC commissioner Rose Ann Kile said she also wants to see continued work on the Town’s Land Use Plan for the corridors.

“It’s really, really important work.” Kile added. “They are working on Watt Road now, and Outlet Drive is in the works.”

However, she said, “I think the priority of (the Town’s projects) would be the Town Center.”

She added the completion of the Farragut Gateway development, formerly the Silver Spoon property at the southwest corner of that intersection, would be an improvement to that area. Kile expects the development to be completed in spring 2019.

In a work plan, Mark Shipley, Community Development director, listed his 2019 goals: continued work on the Future Land Use map regarding developments, implementing a software transition to a more automated plans review, a look at the Town’s transportation for a more linear community space and adopting 2018 changes of its codes. He also listed Phase III of McFee Park expansion plans to see progress made on construction by the end of 2020.

Many Town leaders said they look forward to Farragut Community Center/Knox County Senior Center opening before the end of 2019.