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Drive-thru Town Starbucks has Feb. 7 targeted opening

Farragut Gateway, located at the corner of Kingston Pike and South Campbell Station Road, is in its final stages of construction.

Paul Schaffer, a partner with First Farragut Development, LLC, which is developing the property that will include a drive-through Starbucks, said he expects Starbucks to open Thursday, Feb. 7. adding he expects a spring or early summer opening for the rest of the site.

Schaffer said the only work remaining at Starbucks is signage and a screen on the roof to cover the HVAC unit.

The development is comprised of 12,000 square feet in two separate buildings, with Starbucks taking up 2,200 square feet.

“I think it’s going to be a really nice space,” he said, adding the development will include a park-like patio for people to gather.

“It’s a good location. I know it will be successful. The goal is to create a neighborhood community center, a place where people like to go.

“The Town will be very proud,” added Schaffer, an 18-year Farragut resident.

In addition to Starbucks, there also will be retail and office space and another restaurant.

“I think that’s going real well,” Schaffer said. “I’ve got half the building leased.”

He pointed out Farragut Gateway is the first development located within the Town Center district, which encompasses Farragut’s future downtown plans.

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission members, such as Noah Myers, said they are looking for the development to be a catalyst “to grow a downtown Farragut.”

Farragut Gateway replaces the former Silver Spoon Café, which sat vacant on the Kingston Pike-South Campbell Station corner for several years.

It was demolished in January 2018.

“The Town has been great to work with,” Schaffer said. “I think the key to any construction is to get with the Town immediately and often.

“It’s a much better scenario.”