Briggs named Senate Ethics chair among his other committee seats

State Sen. Richard Briggs (R-District 7, which includes Farragut) has been appointed chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee and as a member of the Senate’s powerful Finance, Ways and Means Committee.

The announcement was made by Lt. Gov. Randy McNally as the 111th General Assembly concluded the first week of the 2019 session Thursday, Jan. 10.

“A senator of unquestioned integrity, Richard Briggs is the obvious choice for chairman of Ethics,” McNally said. “I know he will continue to do an outstanding job.”

The Senate Ethics Committee is responsible for enforcement of the Senate Code of Ethics and hears any complaints waged against a sitting member.

The Finance Committee holds the purse strings for all of state government with responsibility for hearing all measures dealing with the appropriation of state funds. It also has oversight over legislation pertaining to state bonds, pensions, investments or indebtedness.

In addition, Briggs will serve on the Senate State and Local Government Committee and the Senate Transportation Committee.

The State and Local Government Committee hears all matters pertaining state and local governments in general, including utility districts, employees, ordinances, boundary lines, veterans’ affairs, penal and correctional institutions, alcoholic beverages and election laws. As a member of the committee, Briggs has led legislative efforts to help Tennessee veterans get needed services and benefits.

The Transportation Committee is responsible for highways, roads and bridges and other forms of transportation, along with facilities in connection with and navigation of waterways, lakes and streams. Briggs said he will work with newly appointed chair Becky Massey (R-District 6, which includes much of Concord) to improve the state’s transportation system.

The Senate will reconvene Friday, Jan. 18, as lawmakers prepare for a joint session Saturday, Jan 19, for the inauguration of Governor-elect Bill Lee, a Republican.