Northshore traffic slowed

West of Concord Road roundabout from 9a to 3p starting Feb. 11

Motorists traveling on Northshore Drive near the roundabout intersection with Concord Road should slow down — and be prepared to stop briefly — from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., beginning Monday, Feb. 11, for the next “two to three weeks,” said Jim Snowden, senior director of Knox County Engineering & Public Works.

Knox County crews will be filling in a drainage ditch on the eastbound side, which stretches roughly half a mile from the “fishing bridge” east to the roundabout, where there is little or no shoulder.

Motorists driving into this ditch have caused a number of serious accidents in recent years — though none fatal.

Motorist should look for “Be Prepared to Stop” signage, slow down and use caution because the eastbound lane section adjacent to where the crew is working — between 100 and 200 feet at a time according to Snowden — will be closed, creating alternate stoppages in both lanes.