• I’m calling about the old Ingles building in the farragutpress (Through the Lens, Jan. 24 issue). I think it definitely needs to serve some purpose and needs to be cleaned up. But while we’re on the subject of abandoned grocery stores, I think we also need to address the old Kroger (building) across from the high school. That is also an eyesore, just a little bit further removed from the road.

• I thought the Town had a sign ordinance? I’ve seen two billboards on Kingston Pike near the west end of town: one westbound for the Big Kahuna (Wings) and one eastbound for insurance or something. I thought we didn’t allow billboards in Town?

• (Concerning the old Ingles building via mail), as one of the many state employees who live in West Knox County and beyond, further west, who worked in offices in West Knox County that got moved to extreme Southeast Knox County, we have all commented that a lot of the vacant grocery stores would make perfect government buildings. It would be a win-win for the communities that these offices serve too, as these employees would also be shopping and eating in the local area. Obviously for the state to buy or lease the buildings, it would have to be a good deal — or politically connected. However, the payoff for the neighboring businesses would make up the difference many times over.

• (For the old Ingles building) my idea would be to create a staggered storefront, starting with the first one far back and then stagger in, and then put a little amphitheater in the middle so that people can play music on the weekends; families could come down and go shopping. And give us some restaurants. That would be my idea.

• I would just like to know what’s going on at Farragut High School? Why are they getting rid of all the dual-enrollment programs in Spanish and English next year? They’re letting math dual-enrollment stay, but they’re getting rid of the other dual-enrollment programs, which (inaudible) they’ve had for years. (Inaudible). You just need to ask the question, “why are they getting rid of the dual-enrollment programs at Farragut High School?”