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• Congratulations to the Town of Farragut for the restoration of the Avery Russell House at the corner of Campbell Station (Road) and Kingston Pike. This historic landmark has graced (what is now) Farragut since before the Civil War. And once again (it) is a model of rural East Tennessee architecture. And I commend, and am grateful, to the Town of Farragut for giving it new life.

• farragutpress tells us that possibly a restaurant is looking at the old Ingles property as it’s restored. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Aubrey’s came back to Farragut? There’s not one anywhere near us. They left us, but their faithful customers would not leave them, and we’re waiting for them to come back to Farragut.

• I am a resident living in the Town of Farragut. I saw (ThroughTheLens) in the Opinion section of the farragutpress dated Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, and it (asked) was speeding a big issue in Farragut? My opinion is, really, that it’s not a big issue. I actually think in Tennessee it’s a major issue. But in Farragut, no I really don’t think so. I would say that I am definitely not interested in funding for the Town to pay for a Farragut Police Department. I think Knox County Sheriff’s Office does exactly what I need. I’ve been a resident here for five years and I’ve been very happy with the service I get from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. And I really am not willing to fund a Farragut Police Department by paying any kind of extra tax. I’m a senior citizen and my pension is limited, and I just do not want to pay a Town property tax.

• Regarding speeding in Farragut, my wife just left a rather lengthy talk about our feelings about a police department (in Farragut). My feelings are that I would like not to see speedbumps put up on Admiral Road and Sonya Drive. I’ve seen these speedbumps clog traffic in other developments, and they are pretty nasty to hit with your car every 100 feet or so coming into your development. I think they are counterproductive anyway. If there are going to be speeders, they will slow down for the speedbump, and then you hear their engines rev up as they accelerate between speedbumps. If they have to put in any kind of bump at all it should be those hump speedbumps, where you can hit it at the speed limit without any noticeable effect. But if you speed over it, then you’re going to feel the speedbump. The speedbumps they put out are almost like a 2-by-4 they put across the road.