admiral’s area tidbits

Let’s “skin” two cats in one column.

Multi-tasking supposedly is a talent perfected by the “social media” generation — I guess that’s anyone 35 or younger.

Or whatever generation is younger than the “Voice of Farragut High School Baseball,” Ralph Skinner.

Though a “Baby Boomer” (I’m guessing), Ralph somehow can multi-task like someone half his age: as public address voice for fans at The Ballpark at Farragut/John Heatherly Field, do play-by-play on WUCP-FM 99.9 — and still keep game stats.

Not to mention answering questions from, or having a few laugh with, various pressbox visitors and reporters.

Perhaps the one personality most associated with the program who neither coaches nor plays, Ralph does have someone helping “Spark” things up in the pressbox — Jared “Sparky” Sparks, who operates the scoreboard.

For years, “Sparky” has earned his own distinction as one of the ultimate FHS multi-sport volunteers.

Perhaps its a natural pressbox pairing.

The “other” Skinner of note, who also is beloved and closely connected to winners, is Jane Skinner.

This recently retired FHS science teacher and popular Flagship 3140 FIRST Robotics teacher/mentor was profiled last week in our Community section.

Yet Jane had one other thing to make clear — in terms of crediting other Flagship mentors — not included in the story.

“My being able to retire in December is only because of Matt Howell and Emily Brandel,” she said praising a new generation of 3140 teacher/mentors, though Jane still remains close to the program.

—farragutpress staff