Stormwater compromise appears to be reached in workshop

A budgetary compromise regarding stormwater funding appeared to have been reached by Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen during a workshop session Thursday, April 11.

While Vice Mayor Louise Povlin and Alderman Scott Meyer had requested an unspecified increase in the stormwater budget during a Thursday, March 28 workshop, the proposed 2020 budget would have $750,000 appropriated — an increase of $650,000 — for stormwater issues that may arise in the coming fiscal year, it was informally agreed upon April 11.

Initially, the budget line item listed $100,000 in that fund, but updated documents reflected monies moved from the Land Acquisition budget and the McFee Park expansion into the stormwater fund, increasing it to $500,000.

Initially Povlin commented, “I don’t think we have enough in the stormwater,” then the Board debated the funding at McFee, eventually deciding to move back the McFee monies and keep that projected budget at $8 million.

“I think we should keep the (McFee) funding intact,” Meyer said last week. “That will make me feel better to see that park completed. Let’s just finish the project.” However, Meyer added he would like to see the stormwater fund at $750,000.

“I think we should look at putting two-and-a-half times what we spent this year,” he said, referring to two recent pipe failures that, so far, have cost the Town between $200,000 and $300,000.

Further discussion led to Town administrator David Smoak suggesting additional funding for stormwater could be moved from the general fund and the Town’s Capital Improvement Program funding to bring the stormwater line item to $750,000.