• I agree 100 percent with Alder(man and Vice Mayor Louise) Povlin that spending $8 million on McFee Park is ridiculous and fiscally irresponsible. And most of that money needs to be going toward other things with the Town such as drainage and stormwater issues. That park is a very nice park, but it does not need $8 million worth of updates and upgrades. That money needs to be used on roads and infrastructure. If you feel the same way, call and voice your opinion to farragutpress and also e-mail the Town. Thank you.

• I’m wondering if other consigners at a now closed, but was very popular, West Knoxville store have received non-payments for their items? I was informed that checks would be mailed on March 15 — and to date that check has not been received. Repeated calls have been made and e-mails sent — however, to no avail. This is frustrating and very disappointing. I’m owed a significant amount of money.

• I was wondering how much longer it will take, or how much more money has to be spent, to fix Farragut’s ‘wall of fame/shame” on Campbell Station Road? I guess my suggestion to put earth-tone concrete stain on it and move on a year or so ago didn’t fly. Thank you.