Police Report

• At 3:26 p.m, Tuesday, April 16, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit responded to a Battlefront Trail residence on a report of counterfeit currency. Upon investigation, the victim said he was selling a PS4 controller and one game on the marketplace App “Offer up.” He also said he was contacted by the suspect and he met him at Ingles along Kingston Pike. Suspect told the victim his name was Michael. Suspect took the items, and gave the victim a $100 bill. Upon further inspection, the victim realized the bill was counterfeit, but the suspect already had left. Victim was able to take a picture of the suspect’s vehicle, a 2007 silver Mazda M3, as well obtain the license plate number. Counterfeit bill was collected as evidence and placed in the property locker at Knox County Jail along with a property receipt.

• At 3:08 p.m., Monday, April 15, a Smith Road complainant came to KCSO West Precinct to report an incident at her residence. She advised the suspect used to work for her and was in her home. She believes the suspect took her credit cards out of her purse and has used her identity to open up new accounts. Victim advised she was contacted by someone advising her the suspect was receiving mail at his residence, where she used to live, with the victim’s name on it. She looked at the mail, including several mailings from a store advising she needed to give them more credit information before they could proceed with her order. Separate charges for $53.99 and $33.98 were made. Victim advised she never made an order with them. She said she is unsure of all charges, but her Visa card had more than $2,600 in charges she did not make. She also advised Belk has one charge of $249.85 and one of $238.56.

• At 1:20 p.m., April 15, a Mountain Breeze Lane complainant called KCSO West Precinct to report an incident at their residence. He advised an unknown suspect took his Smith & Wesson M&P firearm loaded with clip, valued at $450 in the report, along with a tan leather holster, valued at $100. He was unsure of the suspect at time of the report.

• At 2:44 p.m., Sunday, April 14, a Turning Point Road complainant called KCSO Teleserve Unit to report an incident at Cotton Eyed Joe, 11220 Outlet Drive. Complainant advised an unknown suspect used an unknown object to shatter the back driver’s side window on her 2002 Dodge Ram pick-up truck to gain entry to her automobile, where various items with a value listed at $910 were stolen. Value of window damage was listed at $300. Victim also advised when the unknown suspect shattered the driver’s side back window it damaged the lining at the bottom of the window. Complainant said she had last seen these items in her vehicle, and her automobile in its normal condition, at around midnight April 14.

• At 12:20 p.m., Saturday, April 13, a Sweetgum Drive complainant called KCSO Teleserve Unit to report an incident his residence. Complainant advised between midnight and 7 a.m., April 13, his unlocked 2015 Dodge Ram pick-up truck was broken into. At the time of this report, complainant was unsure of what was missing. Complainant was advised to call back with inventory if anything is missing.

• At 7:16 p.m., Friday, April 12, a KCSO officer spoke with a victim, over the telephone, regarding recent possible thefts of two car titles (no dollar value of loss was reported). Upon investigation, the victim said during the last several weeks an unknown suspect has managed to steal two vehicle titles without her knowledge or consent. She added there were no signs of forced entry to her residence and is not sure when the items were taken. Victim advised other document-type items also were missing, but could not specify for this report.