This Letter to the Editor response is to the nameless troll who took a swipe at Ms. Nikki Goeser in this past week’s Presstalk [in reference to Goeser’s views on the right to carry firearms into bars and other businesses, which were expressed during her visit as guest speaker at Farragut Gun Club’s April 8 meeting, a story of which ran in our April 18 issue].

Whether through ignorance, indoctrination, or malice, your FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) comments were clearly inappropriate and in this very specific case was purely an agenda-driven position as written with absolutely no familiarity (or care or critical thinking) with Goeser, her unthinkable life experiences with her husband being murdered in front of her and the “justice” system, which led to the premise of her book, and her professional background.

Per your last falsehood of “More guns do not lead to less gun crimes. This is something people can easily look up,” I totally agree it can be easily researched; and why your Presstalk was also total trash is Goeser is the Executive Director of the Crime Prevention Research Center, which is the independent authority of this research topic area.

In short, shame on you — and if you would like to share your “comments and philosophies” directly with Goeser, I can easily arrange that conversation.

In addition, per the paper’s “lengthy write-up,” which has also apparently/equally offended you or you would not have mentioned it, please contact the editor and reporter so you can share with them your wisdom in how they should run their business.

Bill Johns,

Founder, Farragut Gun Club