Preserving history earns Town ETHS awards

Farragut historic resources coordinator Julia Barham receives a certificate for the Dot Kelley Preservation Grant from Tim Vane with Civil War Roundtable
Town of Farragut’s efforts to preserve local history has earned it awards from East Tennessee Historical Society.

ETHS presented the Award Distinction for the Town’s film, “A History of Concord and Farragut,” and Community History Award to Farragut’s Historic Resources coordinator Julia Barham at ETHS’ annual awards banquet in Knoxville May 4.

“We’re proud of Julia and the amazing job she has done at the Farragut Museum over the years, with both exhibits and events, so we’re thrilled for her to receive this recognition,” Farragut Parks & Recreation director Sue Stuhl said. “We’re also proud of our history film that premiered this year and look forward to our second film, which will focus on the founding of Farragut and our first 10 years,” Stuhl said. “That film is scheduled to premier on April 1, next year, when we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the election of our first board.”

The Farragut Museum Committee last year commissioned filmmaker Keith McDaniel to create the documentary, and Barham received the Community History Award in recognition of excellence in community leadership, specifically in promoting the preservation of local history, Stuhl said.

The museum also accepted the Dot Kelley Preservation Grant from Knoxville Civil War Roundtable during the awards banquet. The grant will be used to purchase and install interpretive signage on the grounds of historic Campbell Station Inn.

ETHS’s Awards of Excellence program recognizes individuals and organizations for significant contributions to the preservation, promotion and interpretation of the region’s history. Nominations came from organizations and individuals throughout East Tennessee.

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