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• My opinion on living in Farragut, Tennessee, is confusing. I recently was sent a letter from the Department of Homeland Security to renew my driver’s license. I went to the license place in Maryville and I was told that because 37934 is the ZIP code for Farragut, it is not recognized as a Town by the Department of Homeland Security. It is considered Knoxville. So on my driver’s license I had to put that I lived in Knoxville. This has been kind of an interesting progression ever since we got the 37934 because the mail comes to Concord,

Farragut and Knoxville. I also had my medication cancelled when I went to pick up a prescription because they said I had moved. I went from 37922 to 37934 when Farragut got the new ZIP code. So my question is, what good does this ZIP code do us and what good does it do to say you live in Farragut, Tennessee, when it is not recognized by the United States Government? I think this needs to be addressed with the people at Farragut Town Hall and the government here.

• I am concerned about what’s going on at Farragut High School. They have lost over 45 percent of their teachers in the past three years. I’m wondering where our (inaudible) is, and why isn’t something being done about it. This is a community problem, not just a Farragut High School problem because without a good high school, our property values can all go down. I am looking for change. I hope the community is too.