Artistic concept biz coming this summer

With the support of husband, Chad Grissom, Brittany Grissom will be opening Board & Brush Creative Studio in mid- to late-July in the Premier Eyecare building, 11113 Kingston Pike next to Admiral Drive.
Brittany Grissom is opening a new artistic concept in Farragut — customer-made wood signs and décors.

Grissom, franchise owner, plans to open Board & Brush Creative Studio in the Premier Eyecare building, 11113 Kingston Pike next to Admiral Road, in mid- to late-July.

“So by fall we will be ready,” Grissom said. “Fall time is fun because you have all the fall designs (then) Christmas parties, corporate parties.

“Board & Brush Creative Studio is a workshop to create unique wood décor for your home,” she added. “It’s instructor-led.”

A customer does not have to have any experience, Grissom added. He or she comes in and is supplied with raw wood and his or her choice of a stencil.

“We walk you through every step until the finished product,” she said.

Customers distress the wood with hammers, meat tenderizers and nails.

“You just go at it, banging it all up,” Grissom said. The next step is to sand the wood then choose one of the seven available stain colors and the stencils and then paint over the stencils.

“You get to customize your décor to what you want,” she added. “We have over 300 designs in our gallery.

“We want you to be happy when you leave. We want you to put this (product) on your wall.”

The decorated signs are similar to vintage farmhouse-type style.

Board & Brush can hold not only individual customer instruction, it also can host private events such as bachelor/bachelorette and birthday parties, bridal showers, date nights and public parties, for which everyone can sign up.

“Pretty much any reason to party, we have you covered,” Grissom said and laughed. “Just looking for a good time out.”

Julie Shelby of Wisconsin came up with the business concept.

“In 2014, she was a stay-at-home mom looking for something to be creative with,” Grissom said. “In 2015, she started the process of branding Board & Brush.”

It has more than 200 work studios throughout the country.

Like Shelby, Grissom had become a stay-at-home mom.

“I knew that once the boys (who are ages 4 and 3) went to school, I’d be going back to work and I wanted to have the opportunity to be able to work — yet, be there for my boys,” she said. “When I found Board & Brush, it was pretty much for stay-at-home moms to be able to have a career but be with their families, so that was, like, ‘how could it be more perfect?’

Grissom flew to Wisconsin, met with the owners and their staff to see if she was the right fit for the business — and it was the right fit for her.

“Then, everything just fell into place,” she said.

Board & Brush operating hours will be from 5:30 to 10 p.m. starting with Fridays and Saturdays. Grissom said the days might be expanded as the business grows.

“For people, after work, they can come down and distress while they de-stress,” she said.

However, if someone does choose to hold a private party, Grissom said, “We can accommodate you for earlier times in a day.”

To book a scheduled class or party, visit or call 865-868-3398.