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• I thought it was hilarious with the photo you showed, Through the Lens, of the United States Post Office, Farragut Branch (photo was limited to engraved signage lettering within the stone façade, which ran in our Thursday, June 13, issue). That is a very, very old picture. Have you looked lately? It is so soot-covered, moss-covered, horribly looking up there. (The stone facing is) darker, or as dark as (the lettering) “United States Post Office Farragut Branch.” That caught my attention much more than your request for “does Farragut have an identity problem?” (Editor’s note: this so-called “very, very old picture” was taken Monday, June 10. Moreover, there was no significant photoshop work on this Through the Lens photo to cover up “soot” or “moss” background darkness to make the lettering readable).

• I’ve just been reading about the possibility of TopGolf coming to Farragut (our June 13 issue). That is awesome news. If the Town of Farragut loses that over a few bricks on the façade, but then they allow the (retaining) wall in Farragut (along North Campbell Station Road just north of the Farragut High School entrance/exit) to remain there with no brick, that’s crazy. Come on Town of Farragut, work with these people. This is a huge asset, not only to Farragut, but is to Knoxville. Let’s not lose this. Open your eyes.

• We’ve had the same trouble with ZIP code problems since we moved here to Farragut, in this same house, over 30 years ago. The Post Office told us at that time, 30 years ago, to use Farragut, Tennessee — and it used to be 37922. Then we changed it to 37934. That’s what’s in the paper (Through the Lens, June 13 issue). Please do something about the ZIP code. We were told it was only Farragut, Tennessee’s ZIP code. But the government, (Knox) County and everybody else — all the government people from the county on up — have it listed as Knoxville in their computers. We’re not in Knoxville; we’ve never been in the City of Knoxville; we’ve always been Knox County — never the City of Knoxville. So change, whatever you have to do, to Farragut, Tennessee only, 37934.

• This is in response to the (June 13) Presstalk in the farragutpress paper about, “does the Town of Farragut having an identity problem in regards to the federal government?” The answer, in my opinion, is yes. For example, if you go to the polls to vote, and you go in and they ask you for your address. And they will ask you, “is this the correct address?” If you say, “no, I actually live in Farragut,” they say, “well, that doesn’t matter, you have to have Knoxville as your address.” Doctors’ offices and hospitals often have a policy where Knoxville is your address. This is no (Town of Farragut) police, there is no (Town) pick-up of trash, there are no (Town) emergency services as Knoxville provides for their citizens because we don’t have a (Town property) tax. For example, if you say “Shop Farragut” but you go into stores in the Farragut area and say, “What is your address?” They give you “Knoxville.” You go look at the largest building in the area, and it’s (First) Baptist Concord, but its address is Farragut. You go and look at the different realtors’ offices … their address is Knoxville. … I would be willing to bet that the majority of the people living in any neighborhood you want to choose have Knoxville as their mailing address. I am very concerned that the people in the Farragut area really don’t care whether they have a Knoxville or Farragut address. You get a driver’s license now, according to the (Presstalk) in the (June 13 issue) and the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t recognize Farragut. I think something needs to be done where the Town should look at going to the Post Office and getting a ZIP code for Farragut.

• While welcoming the news of the possibility of TopGolf coming to Farragut, I was distressed to hear that they’re not going to be following the Town’s ordinances regarding the brick façade. It looks like TopGolf is going way below the recommended 75 percent coverage, which is a very nice aesthetic requirement of the Town of Farragut. I would certainly encourage TopGolf to work with the Town to follow the rules that are in place, and therefore let’s be a good business partner for the Town.