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• I agree with whomever called in and said we do not have a Farragut ZIP code. It’s really ridiculous. I can’t vote in Knoxville, so why should I say that 37934 is a Knoxville ZIP code? It’s Farragut, and that’s what it should be. And I don’t like going into a local business and have them put down my address, and it automatically comes up and says, “Knoxville.” That’s not right.

• After 25 years of living in the same house in the Town limits of Farragut, I think it is high time we are recognized as Farragut, Tennessee, honoring a great and local Naval hero (Admiral James David Glasgow Farragut). When I first moved here, people from East, North and South Knoxville disparaged us as “Yankee Town.” But I think this limitization is fading. I believe we elected a mayor and aldermen who should work with us and get us recognized as a legitimate Town to the Post Office (inaudible). Get to it representatives.

• What I like about Farragut is that residential homeowners have a priority voice in how this Town is being governed. It’s not the same in Knox County and Knoxville, where the developers and homebuilders rule the roost. I applaud our Board of Mayor and Aldermen and all of our Town committees. Please continue to keep up the good work. And that residential homeowner voices continue to be heard — especially with the issue right now with (Top)Golf. Please vote in terms of fairness. We’ve got good, strict zoning ordinances and signage ordinances, and we need to keep those going. And they need to apply equally to everyone. Let’s not be making exceptions. It’s not fair, it’s not right. And (Top)Golf has done this in other communities, no doubt. They will build to whatever the Town tells them they need to built to. They want to be good neighbors, they want to be a good business. They will build to what the Town tells them to do. So let’s support our Town, let’s keep the standards high.