Center opening to mesh with 40th celebration

Over the years, Farragut residents have enjoyed outstanding Town events that celebrated and deepened our connection as a community.

In the past, these events have been limited by space and logistical constraints. In order to mitigate these constraints and allow for broader, more diverse community activities and festivals, our new community center will open on Farragut’s 40th anniversary, Jan. 16, 2020.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen is grateful for our partnership with Knox County in which both parties contributed $2 million towards this project. These equal investments made the transformation of the former Faith Lutheran Church into a new community center a reality.

Once renovations are complete, the property will have a new West Knox Senior Center on the first floor and the community center space on the second floor. Features of the community center space include: a middle school-size gymnasium with a stage that can be used for sport, performing arts and cultural events; a former church sanctuary that will be a beautiful venue for weddings, banquets and smaller gatherings; a large state-of-the-art catering kitchen; and three classrooms for instructional sessions.

The entire community center space will be available for public use and will allow Farragut and Knox County residents to connect through activities not previously possible.

A community center is a new endeavor for Parks & Recreation Department staff. Despite the learning curve, I’m convinced there is no challenge this group of talented, driven professionals cannot overcome.

They are currently developing operational guidelines, researching and creating a space rental schedule, defining shared programming between the West Knox Senior Center and the Town of Farragut, and mapping out processes for multiple events occurring simultaneously.

Parks & Recreation department staff will present a final plan to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen this fall, and space rental information and rates will be communicated to the public by late November.

I’m honored to serve Farragut as alderman during this special time. The Town started with a group of founders who dreamed and achieved the impossible. Their virtues of ingenuity, sacrifice, and resolve make Farragut prosper today and afford us a bright, limitless future.

Opening our new community center on our hometown’s 40th anniversary is another example of the blessings that come from the virtues that make Farragut, Farragut.