Phase III ‘The Plaza’ target date spring 2020

While officials continue to evaluate what will be the ultimate use for the historic Campbell Station Inn, the property around it will undergo a major facelift in the coming months.

Farragut Parks and Recreation director Sue Stuhl said Phase III of the project, now being called “The Plaza,” is an elaborate “park-like setting” for what is nearly two acres of land.

The design plans have been approved, and the project will be put out for bids in the “next couple of weeks,” she added. “We hope the project will be constructed and completed by spring 2020.”

Two elaborate lawn areas will serve as centerpieces of the project. The larger of the two will lie along the west and north portions of the property, while a smaller circular one will overlook Campbell Station Road.

A parking area, which will be topped with pavers, also will be constructed.

“The big, flat open lawn will be good for small festivals or small special events,” Stuhl said. “The Circle Plaza area, we are thinking could be used for a lot of different things or special events, too.”

Throughout will be “lots of beautiful sidewalks and paved trails,” Stuhl said.

“It will be a very attractive entrance to our Town, and when it’s finished that corner is really going to look pretty,” she added. “The house (which has undergone extensive renovations over the last two years) looks beautiful now, and this project will compliment that.

“We are also planning some lighting on the house exterior, along with some signage we received a grant for earlier this year.”

Two new entrances will be constructed onto the property — one from Campbell Station Road, the other from Kingston Pike.

Both will be shared with White Realty, which owns the Village Green Shopping Center.