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• I’m calling to speak out for people who suffer from odor-induced migraines and to appeal to all who unknowingly contribute to this health issue. There are many things that can trigger migraines. Among the worst, and most potent, are fragrances like cologne and perfume. If you’re lucky enough not to have migraines you don’t know that it’s not just a headache. It’s a debilitating, painful episode that often does not respond to prescription or over-the-counter medication. Normal daily activities become difficult or impossible to carry out. It’s often accompanied by nausea, visual disturbances, dizziness, hypersensitivity that sound and light (inaudible) upset. Avoiding the trigger isn’t as simple as just changing seats when someone next to you is wearing a fragrance because once the smell is inhaled it’s often too late to interrupt the cycle. I hope my personal experience will create more awareness so that people like me will suffer less. I’m grateful for all who choose to be fragrance-free.

• This is directed at the Farragut Town government and/or roads department (Public Works) and First Utility District: I know both of you are busy fulfilling all your duties and satisfying all the developers in the Farragut area, building roundabouts and improving the neighborhood roads and such. But please, please tell me that since you/they have decided to mill/redo Peterson Road into Kingsgate (subdivision), that someone is going to fix the several water leaks, that have been an issue for several years now, before you lay down new asphalt and have to tear it up again. The worst one is right at Kingston Pike; it’s a standing puddle of water, now all the time, right at the vet clinic (Concord Veterinary Hospital). And the other two are about halfway up the hill toward the Kingsgate roads, both of which have been dug up and worked on several times over the last few years.

• I hope that the Town leadership will be able to bring TopGolf to this parcel on Outlet Drive. I think that it’s a wonderful thing that can happen to the economy of our area. And by the way, I don’t play golf. Also, I hope the state does not ban red-light cameras. I think they do serve a useful purpose. I know they have made me more aware of my driving habits. And if we’re going to take out those cameras, I guess we’ll have to take out video cameras everywhere that track people in businesses and (inaudible) by shoplifters and others who take advantage of various situations. So please don’t outlaw those cameras.