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• I’m concerned. I was in the grocery store and I was talking to some fellow moms of teens at Farragut High School that graduate from Farragut. Is it true that 76 teachers there the past three years have left Farragut? Doesn’t Farragut have a reputation, or it did in the past, of low turnover? I’m just really concerned as a citizen of this Town.

• Dear farragutpress, I hope that the (Farragut) Board of Mayor and Aldermen makes the right decision and allows TopGolf to come to Farragut. My sons and I love golfing, and it would be really be fun to play golf with them right after school no matter what the weather. Based on how many golf courses there are in Farragut, I know that many other people in our Town love golfing and would definitely have a blast at TopGolf. Because there are not many things to currently do here for teens in Farragut, I think many people would visit and plan events just like they do at Main Event in Knoxville. More visitors means more money for our community. TopGolf would probably bring in more money that what it would cost to bring them here. TopGolf would become very popular and would bring in non-golfers and (inaudible) interests in Town. Farragut needs more places for teens to hang out after school or on weekends. Having a facility like this could be part of a community by helping locals schools with their golf teams. Overall, TopGolf would be a great addition to our community.

• I am calling in regard to the red-light cameras. I would like to see the red-light cameras be gone from the Town of Farragut. I find that they are very much of a nuisance, But mainly I feel that the traffic actually on the road speed through the red-light camera, and there’s going to be accidents happening if there already haven’t been more accidents that have occurred due to red-light camera because it seems like drivers speed up to get through the red-light. I feel that they’re actually a safety hazard.

And also I’d like to comment about the TopGolf company possibly coming to the Farragut area. I think it would be wonderful, because when we get more businesses that create things for families to do, even though I don’t play golf, I think it is an asset for residents as well as for the businesses here that house hotel guests. And it also helps to keep the revenue flowing throughout the Town to keep the real estate taxes for the residents lower. So good companies like that are basically a perk. TopGolf was in the area that we lived in in northern Virginia. They’re a great company, it’s a nice building and it has a lot of options rather than just playing golf. They have a great facility that people can actually enjoy.